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Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer #7: Calendar Conundrum

Summer #7: Last week I called the hair salon three times in five minutes to make an appointment to get my hairs cut. The first time, I made an appointment for Friday at 11 a.m. Then I realized I had a massage then. I called right back and changed the appointment to Saturday at 11 a.m. Then I realized I'm having brunch with my friend Ms. Marion then. I called right back and moved the appointment to Saturday at 2 p.m. When I gave the receptionist my name for the third time, she laughed. If I have plans with you Saturday at 2 p.m. could you let me know and could we reschedule? I siimply cannot call that woman back again.

I don't think I'm experiencing any serious cognitive effects from the surgery and radiation, but maybe this calendar thing is a sign to me. A few weeks ago, I did the exact same thing in scheduling a massage. The receptionist there just laughed, too. I feel grateful for the sense of humor.

Maybe it's just that I'm trying to keep too many dates in my mind because Ann, in cleaning up, recycled the calendar. (I don't really know that. I just like to hear her say, "I did not.") I am, however, holding a lot of dates in my mind. For our family trip to the beach, for example, here are the dates in my mind:
thursday night: mary and ann arrive at rdu
friday: kristin, hayden, lucie and gretchen arrive in raleigh
friday night: brother matt arrives at rdu
saturday: brother matt's family, mary and ann, and mom and dad drive to the beach and jennifer, isabella, jack and willie drive to the beach from ny
sunday night: birthday bash for ann, kristin and hayden
monday afternoon: matt, kristin, hayden, lucie and gretchen go to figure 8
wed: todd and sam arrive at the beach
saturday: todd, jack and willie return to ny; jennifer and isabella go to florida; mary, ann, dad and sam go to winston salem; mom goes home
tuesday: mary and ann fly out of rdu; we don't care what the rest of you do after that.

Maybe it's a calendar conundrum, or maybe my family is just too complicated. Or maybe Ann shouldn't recycle the calendar until the year is out. Just maybe. Mary

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