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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I thunk and I thunk, "What should I get my dad for Father's Day?" Something homemade would be nice. Sister Jenn made Mom that nice straw kitchen necklace. I could do that, and Mom and Dad could have a matching set. Dad would never wear his, though, since he never goes in the kitchen. Maybe a couch necklace. No. The necklace would just get in the way of the remote control when he's lying down. Besides, my age is now in double digits, so the necklace, even though it would be made of those patriotic red, white and blue straws, wouldn't be so cute.

 Perhaps I should think about Mother's Day gifts. Flowers? No. A poem like Brother Matt's poems for Mom on Mother's Day? That's an idea worth considering, but let me keep thinking.

What does Dad really like? He likes to exercise in his boxers. Maybe a stationary bike that he could ride at home so that he could wear his boxers when he rides? Oh. He already has one of those.

 Investments! That's what Dad really loves. I could call him and ask him to talk about investments all day. He would love that, but since it's his gift, I would probably have to listen. I just can't do that. Hmmm. I know: I'll pay attention to all of the investments I've made through the years. I'll make a list. That will make him happy.

Happy Father's Day, Dad! Love from your daughter who just cannot get interested in the stock market despite your best efforts. I love you. Mary

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