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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dangling Conversations

Ann and I have been walking in public parks with long, flat, paved trails lately. Yesterday we walked around Green Lake.

I love listening to the snippets of conversation we hear as people pass:

Two women, friends it seems, walked together. One was tall and large and pushed a baby stroller. The other was skinny. The large one said, "I want him to give me another one." The surprised skinny one asked, "You want more babies?" The large one laughed and replied, "I love babies."

As two other women in their twenties passed, one advised the other: "Don't compromise. The sex is good, but the boyfriend's bad."

In a more new age conversation, a woman with big sunglasses and a blond pony tail said to another, "You have to listen for what makes your soul sing."

I do not recollect what we said. Maybe one of these women would know.

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