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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Slow Day for News

Saturday, March 10 must have been a slow day for news. There must not have been much going on in the Middle East or in a local area impacted by gangs and poverty. No one must have gone hungry, or been cold, or taught a child something worth knowing.

How do I come to this conclusion? On the front page of the intational/national section, a headline reads, "Miss Seattle's missteps on Twitter provide a lesson in Social Media 101." The story reveals that Miss Seattle tweated that she doesn't like Seattle's gloomy weather, and she doesn't like Seattle-ites either. A gaff, for sure. But front page news?

Page two suggests their other options: "Ranting flight attendant restrained by passengers", A picture of a lonely gorilla with the rabbit that's become his friend, "Second near collision for air traffic controller", and "U-S-A' chant at Latino team roils San Antonio." My vote would have been for the gorilla and his little bunny friend.   
In the local section, a headline reads, "Father may fight $250 fine for Son's Party." A teenager on Mercer Island, a wealthy Seattle suburb, gave a party that got out of control when his family was out of town. Underaged kids were drinking alcohol. The dad doesn't think that he should have to pay for his son's misdeads. Sounds more like Family Feud than The Seattle Times NWSaturday front page.

The Sports page is about men's basketball and football. At least the sports writers know their subject, though I'm looking forward to the Storm season so that I might see that women play sports worth reporting on, too.


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