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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's Not Easy Being Green--Guest Post by Kathy Paul

Today's post is from my friend Kathy Paul, who's going through chemo for breast cancer and writes on Caringbridge, the site where I started. It's funny how similar our experiences are though she's dealing with breast cancer and chemo, and I was dealing with brain tumors and radiation and now I'm dealing with the aftermath.

If you'd like to access her site directly, the link is below.

It's Not Easy Being Green
News flash: They make Muppet band-aids!! Not the Sesame Street guys -- the actual Muppets! I've been protecting my thumbnails with Kermit, and my memory of him singing "It's not easy being green" continues to make me smile.

Various intersections with the unlikely have helped me keep smiling through at least some parts of the long, long chemo chapter of this saga. I'm not always good humored, but I do try. These are some of the thoughts I had while taking my walk a few minutes ago:

You know you're having chemo when...

...the slogan "Bald is Beautiful" takes on a whole new meaning.

...complete strangers feel free to ask very personal questions about your health, and you feel comfortable answering them.

...changing your sheets qualifies as an Olympic sport. take a nap before and after your prescribed fatigue-prevention walk. have trouble balancing the medications that must be taken on a full stomach with the medications that must be taken on an empty one. stop hoping you won't throw up and start wishing that you could. decide you're not going to grow your hair out when this is all over.'re on first name basis with three doctors and half a dozen nurses.

...your social life revolves around your dates at the infusion clinic.

...a good morning is not predictive of a good afternoon. decide the word "discomfort" should be eliminated from the medical lexicon.

...working part time feels like working full time. know that more than just two shoes can drop.

...some younger women will not look your pathetic bald self in the eye, and you understand why.

...your oncologist hugs you when you cry.

In other news: I'm out of Kermits after today. Tomorrow I'm going to wear Animal, the crazy guy who plays the drums.

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