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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks

My nine year-old niece Lucie and I talk on the phone each Wednesday about a book we're writing together. We started with some ideas (all Lucie's good ideas, really), and now we're studying a book with some similar themes: Sharon Blake's The Skin I'm In.

We read and discuss two chapters each week. Today, Lucie asked the questions to get us started, and I talked about what I was thinking and she added ideas. We always talk about the questions, "What did you notice?" and "What ideas about our book did these chapters give you?"

The process is superfun. Since I live so far away and see my nieces and nephews so seldomly, I proposed the idea as a way for us to connect regularly. I didn't anticipate how diligent and thoughtful Lucie would be about the work, nor how smart she is.

Every auntie probably thinks her niece is supersmart, but mine really is.

Today, Lucie told me about her three best friends. "They talk a lot," she said.

"Do you talk a lot?"


"Do you talk in class when your teacher wants you to be quiet?"

"No. I have a great teacher. I want to impress her."

"What makes her great?"

"She's just totally awesome."

Thanks to Lucie's teacher and to all the totally awesome teachers out there.

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