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Thursday, March 25, 2010

DAR #16: Euphemistically speaking

DAR #16: Today I went to work for just a couple of hours. Yesterday wore me out. I'll have to build up to those long six hour days. Since I work in several schools as well as at our district office, I've been seeing a lot of people for the first time since radiation. The most common comment: "You look great [pause] considering...[fade to silence]."

The comment makes me think of the other ways we avoid saying what we really mean. I have also gotten a signifinatly shorter haircut. The comment there is one I have used, and you probably have, too: "You got your hair cut." Somehow, avoiding a comment at all is rude. This is a statement of fact: no need to lie.

When my mother eats something she doesn't really like, she says, "This is interesting." That's  her nice way of trying to avoid saying, "I don't like this at all." She also uses this for clothes and entertainment. "How was the movie?" Ummm. It was interesting. When I was younger and would try on clothes, I would say, "How does this look?" and she would inevitably respond, "You're the one who has to wear it."

Other euphemistic phrases:
"This student is a pleasure to have in class" (Student is nice but doesn't understand a darn thing.)
"Thanks for coming over" (It's been nice to have you in our home, but you have to leave now.)
"That's a perspective I haven't considered" (You might be crazy.)

"Have a nice day." Mary

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