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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 15: Unreliable Church News

Day 15: Today was my second day of work since radiation. Whew. I'm tuckered. One important concept that we try to help students learn is to identify reliable sources. I'm here to tell you that church isn't always a reliable news source.

The day before my last day of radiation, the prayer in the pulpit was for Mary "finishing radiation and starting chemotherapy" the next day. Apparently, they couldn't quite read my mother's handwriting. I have no idea what she may have written that looked like chemo.

A few years ago, our friends Terry and Marcia and Robbie and Mary were planning to come to dinner. Sadly, Mary's dad died and so we postponed the dinner. My partner Ann called Marcia and Terry, leaving a message saying that Robbie's partner Mary's father had died, so we would need to postpone. Terry listened to the message but didn't quite get it right. He shared the message with his wife Marcia, who said a prayer of concern at church on Sunday for my father who had died suddenly. I got a few awkward calls from good friends and my minister asking if my father had died. He hadn't. Thinking it was hilarious, I told dad. He didn't think it was funny at all.

Hoping for good news and laughter for us all. Mary

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  1. Funny, I don't remember that we were supposed to have dinner. That was back in May, 2004. So that means you owe us dinner.


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