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Monday, March 21, 2011

ABCs of my Brain Tumors

I've been to see so many doctors in so many departments about these tumors and their side-effects that I wanted to see if I could fill a whole alphabet.

A is for Amy, my Radiology Nurse Practitioner
B is for Dr. B, the chiropractor who informed me, after seeing MRIs of my neck, "It's chaos in there!"
C is for Dr. C, my eye-surgeon
D is for doctors whose names I don't recall, lots of them
E is for Ependymoma, a brain tumor, rare in adults, that caused me and all these nice people a lot of trouble
F: Dr. F, my childhood pediatrician
G:: Dr. G, the name children call Dr. C because her last name is too hard to pronouce, even in letters
H: Dr. H, my radiologist who loves maps and historical architecture
I: Irina, the physical therapist who taught me to walk again.
J: Joey, the rehabilitation nurse who lectured me on my need to get used to asking for help
K: "kick-a$$" the way my friend, a doctor, Robbie described my neurosurgeon
L: Lumbar puncture, the procedure where a doctor stuck a long needle in my spine and took some fluid to test for tumor cells in the spine (no tumor cells in the spine, but the procedure "leaked" and caused an awful headache. I went to the emergency room for migraine treatment and contracted the swine flu.)
M: Dr. M, the doctor who broke the bad news to me, "You have a brain tumor."
N: nurses, whose names I don't recall, lots of them
O: the round shape I can no longer make with my mouth
P: Dr. P, the natuopath who used magic to heal me from my food allergies
Q: Quiet, what my dad could not be in the recovery room or anywhere else
R: Dr. R, my neurosurgeon
S: Dr. S, the naturopath who prescribed Adre-Cor to restimilate my adrenaline systerm
T: Tumor: The thing in my brain that kept all these doctors busy
U: University hospital, where a second tumor board split along lines of whether I should have radiation or surgery for my second tumor
V: Virginia Mason Hospital, where surgeons plucked a big nasty tumor from my brain
W: Why, a word more commonly asked than answered
X: X-rays that revealed that I had pneumonia as I was beginning radiation
Y: Yuri, the technician who desinged a mask to hold me in place during radiation
Z: Zubrod Performance Scale Performance status from zero (fully active) to four (completely disabled) that expresses a person’s ability to function and perform normal daily activities. (

Now you try. Mary

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