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Friday, March 25, 2011

I heart semi-colons

Yesterday as I stood in the hall outside an English teacher's room, I heard this conversation between two freshman girls:

Girl #1: "Did you use fragments in your story?"
Girl #2: (Dramatically): "I hate fragments! I try not to use them ever! I also hate semi-colons!"
Girl #1: (Eyes wide): "I love semi-colons!"
Girl #2: (with confidence): "Semi-colons are only good on facebook to make a winky-face."
Girl #1: "What about figurative language?"
Girl #2: "I use it if I need it, depending on what I'm writing about. If you use it too much, it's annoying."

They're my peeps. Mary

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  1. That inspired me to share this recent "conversation" between 2 friends on Facebook:
    T: Heard at my writing group tonight: "There's the semi-colon, and then there's the semi-colonoscopy”
    Sean: You should only have a semicolonoscopy if you miss your period.
    Stranger: Which can be a pain in the asterisk!
    T: Sean, comma again?!


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