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Monday, October 3, 2011


Saturday, our friends Rose and Karen came to our house for lunch and an art summit, so that Karen could share ideas with the rest of us about art that we might do with Rose's daugher, Nora. We are going to make paper and books together with Karen's granddaugher, Rose, and the rest of us. I hope Nora will be excited. I am.

Rose is a good cook and a good baker, and she brought challah bread to share. Yum. I love challah. When I saw that there were raisins in the challah, however, I was disappointed. I don't like raisins in my bread, but I ate it anyway to be polite. I thought to myself, "This is the best raisin bread I've ever had. I wonder what Rose does to her raisins to make them so tasty."  

Later, Ann told me that the raisins were chocolate chips. Yesterday I had some more challah for lunch. Yum. if you ever make raisin challah, I'd recommend chocolate instead of raisins.

Rose shares the kindness in her spirit when she shares her food. We  have a winter solstice dinner each year to celebrate light in the darkest time. Everyone brings food to share, and Rose always brings a warm, hearty soup, so we share warmth in the cold, too.

When I was in the hospital, Rose brought me the first homemade food that I had eaten for weeks. I opened the container of chicken and rice, and ate with my hands. I had no patience for a knife and fork.

Just writing about it is making me hungry.


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