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Friday, January 27, 2012

Annabella on the GOP

Last night, my nonegenarian neighbor Annabella and I drank beer and watched the GOP debate together. More accurately, she watched the debate and I watched her watching the debate.

Annabella will be voting for Obama. Usually, she calls the democrats, "democrats", and she calls republicans, "those other ones." Still, she's interested in those other ones and she has opinions.

As each candidate's image hit the screen she commented:

 Newt Gingrich: "He stole so much and then he cheated on his second wife. Wanted an open marriage so that he could have his mistress. She said no, so he left her. She told on him, and he's in first place. What kind of shit is that?"

Mitt Romney: "He dies his hair, but he left a little grey at the temples. His hair doesn't go with his face....He's got to many kids and grandkids. We don't need that many people in the White House....I don't like that guy. He's a millionaire a million times over. I think when you're rich like that, you shouldn't be president because you don't know about poor people. "

Sen. Rick Santorum:"He's good. I like him. He won't win."

Ron Paul: "He's too old. Look at how little he is. His wife's twice as big as he is. He looks like a little worm. He's got some young children, too. Look at him."

About the whole group, she says: "That some big bucks there: millionaires...That black ass one [that was trying to run] doesn't belong there. He belongs with the black man." (Annabella is Creole: Her mom was French Indian and her Dad was mixed and looked black. Her husband was an African-American man.)

She liked the fiery exchange between Romney and Gingritch, and later when Gingritch talks about NASA, she says to him, "Now start cursing. That's what they want. Some cutting up. We need some F words." Later, she yells at the t.v.: "This is about the longest and most disgusting thing it's ever been, although it was bad when Kennedy screwed all those young women. Marilyn Monroe and all of 'em."

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  1. LOL! Thats awesome! Wish I had a neighbor that would come over and say those things to me.

    Reminds me of when I was a fresh young voter and reading about the all the presidential nominees in Rolling Stone. Yeah, Rolling Stone. And they had stuff about George W. Bush, and I thought they were kidding! I mean, sure a little nepotism here and there, but not for SERIOUS. I thought it was a joke. Turns out it wasnt. Im sure everything Annabella said was right, but it makes me sad that those things do not seem to matter to voters.


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