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Thursday, January 19, 2012


When our nephew Sam was three years old, Ann and I took him on an amusement park ride at the beach one day. We circled the amusement park five times on our little train, and each time we got to the spot near the arcade, he would point and yell, "Twapped! They'we twapped!" He seemed upset by this, but we couldn't figure out what he was pointing at.

Our final loop around, we noticed a painting of monkeys in a cage on the arcade's facade. Twapped. Indeed they were. Twapped. How sweet of him to feel their pain.

Sunday, we got six inches of snow. Yesterday and last night, we got more. Today it's an ice storm. Lots of people are without power. We have power, but we don't have televison. Apparently, our dish froze. The governor, hearing about our dish, has declared a state of emergency. I  have not left the house since Saturday, and Ann has been inside all day today.

Twapped. We'uhwe twapped.

Ann has cleaned organized the nut drawer in the kitchen. She has consolidated multiple bottles of fish sauce and soy sauce. She has found long lost jars of chutney. Unfortunately, she has already organized her sock drawer, she told me, so she can't do that.

Even I am feeling twapped. I'm cleaning out my inbox (I'm now down to nine pages of messages from my original 36 pages.)

I've written four essays for a scholarship application, and I have only two to go. But I simply cannot write about myself again at least until tomorrow.

That's twapped.


  1. Great blog entry, Mary! Rod and I have already been discussing that we are going to have our pub night with you come hell or high snowfall. We will come get you if we need to. But we are getting out of the house, drinking some beer, and hopefully playing some farkle. PERIOD.

  2. Love this entry! There is such truth in the fact that we organize our nests when we are forced to stay in them for longer than usual! I look forward to the day when my biggest project is bottle consolidation in the pantry ... for now I will continue with laundry, living spaces and dust bunnies the size of my head.

    Welcome back to blogging, eM!

  3. I feel that way too. Its funny, since I spend 99% of my time in bed on a usual day, but being snowed in just made me feel so trapped. At least on a usual day I _could_ go out if I wanted.


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