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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy birthday, Mom!

My mom was born a few years back on May 22, so this is her birthday blog.

You've probably noticed already that Mom's sweet and strong with a sweet and strong soprano voice. You may not have noticed that she's pretty funny, too.

On a recent visit with Raleigh friends Bob and Sue to see their long-time friends no-butt Walt and skinny Rosemary, Mom was excited when Rosemary, who has lost a lot of weight recently, offered to give Mom some of her old clothes. Mom swears Rosemary said something about a pair of blue jeans.

Mom tried on an outfit of Rosemary's and then went into the hall to ask about the jeans, but she didn't need to ask because they were lying in wait for her in the chair.

Mom tried them on, struggling into them, but couldn't get them zipped. Nope, these won't do. Then she went down for breakfast.

At breakfast, no-butt Walt said to the group of six, "I can't figure out where I put my blue jeans."

Everyone got up to look for them. Mom asked, "Did you look under the bed?"

No one could find them, so no-butt Walt had to wear some other britches for the day. The group got into the van to tour around Portland. In the car, Mom whispered to skinny Rosemary, "Rosemary, I couldn't even get your jeans zipped."

"What jeans?" asked Rosemary. "I didn't give you any jeans."

The truth of the whereabouts of no-butt Walt's jeans occurred to them both at the same time and they giglled like schoolgirls.

See. Funny.

Happy birthday, Mom!

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  1. This is so funny! I wish I knew that side of Sam when I was growing up. I became one of her biggest fans when she scared the purse-snatcher in Valencia into dropping the purse.


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