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Monday, May 21, 2012

My Easter MIracle

Some changes since my brain surgery and radiation, like having crossed eyes and balance problems, are obvious to everyone. Others are obvious only to me.

Since surgery, I've been singing with just a few vocal chords. Actually, apparently we don't have vocal chords, just modulations of air over membranes, but it has seemed like I've been singing with three and that I use maybe seven now.

Easter Sunday morning at church, when I opened my mouth to sing "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" with my three vocal chords, all seven kicked in.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm still no lark.

I am, however, singing now rather than speaking with intonation, which is different than singing.

It's my own rebirth, my own Easter miracle, and I'm having these miracles all the time. A year or so ago, most of the paralysis in the right side of my face faded, and now Ann says you can hardly tell I had paralysis there before. (I can still tell: I still can't whistle or drink from a straw.)

Still, it's exciting to notice my own private revivals, separate from any intention on my part, just plain gifts.


  1. Thats awesome!!
    I still cant talk right, my tongue was paralyzed by the surgery. My balance is also very affected too.

  2. This is really great news. I find that if I go away from your fabulous blog for more than five minutes you have posted yet another post that lifts my spirits. Thanks, Mary. And happy singing!!

  3. I love the way you share everything going on (both the
    celebrations and the challenges.) I learn a lot from this blog
    about you, too. It's too much to tell everyone you know
    individually, but using the blog allows you to reach all of
    us! Am so glad you are singing....

    Much love, lkr

  4. That's a pretty great Easter miracle :-)

    All the best,
    one of your former students, Kristin C.

  5. I've always had only three vocal chords. I don't know how many more Easters I have to get my other four.

    Sing, Sing, Sing!!

  6. you and i got all our vocal cords from dad. too bad that loving to sing doesn't mean people will love to listen/ i'm sure god has his reasons (smart, pretty and with perfect pitch might be too much for others to bear?)


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