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Friday, May 28, 2010

NL #29: Fiddlesticks

NL #29: Blast. Shoot. Darn. Darnit. Dang. Dangit. Snaps. Dadgum. Arrrggg. Oh, Man, Dagnabbit. Hooey. There are so many ways to say Fiddlesticks. I don't have to use the F word.

Yesterday was the first time I forgot to write in my blog. I worked a long day (7-3:30...that's long for me these days) and then, after we'd had dinner and dessert, our friend Rose and her daughter Nora brought over some Coconut Cream pie. I think the sugar knocked me out. After I'd gotten in to bed, I remembered that I hadn't written my blog, but only the threat of natural disasters (like fire, earthquake, the desperate need to go to the bathroom), have the power to resurrect me once in bed.

So please forgive my lapse. Another f word. Mary

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