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Sunday, December 19, 2010

P. S. 20 The Principal's Office

Yesterday I spent twenty minutes in the high school principal's office for a meeting. (I wasn't in trouble.) In that time, one student was taken away in handcuffs in an ambulence, a teacher submitted a referral because a student set off a fire-cracker during class, and two boys received their sentences for vandalising the boys' bathroom.

Last week two students were sent home for having sex in the hall. Apparently, the students were out of class without a pass. This is unacceptable.

A friend, a previous princpal, told me of another day in the principa'ls office in a school where the security officers had chided the school administrators for their clumsiness with students using drugs. The officers brought in a student whom they had captured with his bong. As one security officer further scolded the administrators for their ineptitude, the student slipped away, somehow recapturing his bong before he left.

The year after my surgery, I completed the university program for school administrators. I'm guessing I won't ever get to be a principal, but I admire them.

What do principals do all day? In addition to managing surprising situations like those above, they are the school's visionary, a manager, and a go-between. And they have to think about what they're wearing when they go to the grocery store. Wow.

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