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Sunday, December 19, 2010

P. S. 25 The Climax

I don't know what you're expecting, but this blog is g-rated, and this entry is about eating a chocolate chip cookie after nine months of avoiding chocolate because of food allergies.

Last night I had my first taste of chocolate in nine months, and I didn't get sick. Hocus Pocus seems to be working. I had one of Ann's chocolate chip cookies. What did it taste like? Like the earliest hillsides of avalance lillies in the spring. Like the first pounding rain of El Salvador's rainy season. Like a baby's first smile. I was going to say like a rose in the winter, but it's not so cliche as that. More like fireworks. Or like a daffodil blooming in the snow.

Really. It was that good.

I hope the treatments for garlic and cheddar work as well. I'm looking forward to ordering off the menu again and to licking that orange Cheeto powder off of my fingers. Finger-lickin'good.


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