April 2018

Monday, June 7, 2010

NL #35: Our Changing Blog

NL #35: I have noticed a blog change that you may be only partially aware of, so I thought I'd fill you in. As some of you have noted, comments on the blog have decreased since I moved to a new platform. In that same time, more of you have contacted me directly, in person or via email, to tell me of your own struggles and the struggles of those close to you. Each of you has shared that the blog has been helpful to you in this time and many have mentioned that you have shared the blog--or particular entries--with others.

The community of commenters here is and has been a real source of support for me. Hearing from those of you who are facing changes in your own lives and who are finding this blog a source of support for you means the world to me, too. Having you share your stories with me--in either venue--helps me to feel a part of community and not so alone in this struggle.

Without your comments, on the site or in more personal communication, I can feel a bit like Who-ville praying for a Horton: Is anybody out there?

Thanks for being here. Mary


  1. I am here! Every day. No thoughts yet, as I haven't had my morning coffee. Keep on writing, Mary.

  2. Em,
    I am here too! I have some music to share with you at some point soon. Let's get together soon!


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