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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer! #1: Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Summer #1: I hope this summer will be one of healing and rejuvenation. I just returned from our local park where I was "running" (really prancing) up and down the field when a large dog barked joyfully from the hill. I stopped. "He's friendly," his owner yelled. This was my concern. A large, friendly dog pouncing on me and licking my face could mean nastiness (I hate having my face licked...please note it) or more surgery. I came home and left that large, on-leash field to that foolish man and his friendly dog. I'll try again tomorrow (unless it's raining, which it probably will be).

Two summers before my surgery Ann and I travelled to Tanzania on safari with our friends Pam and Kari and then around Ethiopia with our friend Rita. The summer before my surgery, we rafted down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. Both were fabulous trips and I'm so glad we did them when we did. If you haven't done either, I'd suggest you go. Soon. Take our friends. They're great fun. We've been on travel hiatus for the last few years and hope to travel again before too long, but I'm sure we'll travel much differently.

Other places you should go? If you love white sands, blue waters, colorful fish, and winter sun go to Maui, Hawaii (we're hoping to go see some friends who live there next Christmas); for mountain flowers and  stunning mountain hikes: Paradise, Mt. Rainier; if you love jungles, colorful birds and monkeys, go to Costa Rica and down the Amazon in Ecuador. If you love wide open expanses, trailless mountains and valleys,  and the adrenaline rush of big animals in the wild, Denali, Alaska's your destination; for biking and kayaking: Orcas Island, Washington; for amazing color, a mix of Catholicism and Paganism and ancient pyramids: Guatemala. for resilient people creating hope in a beautiful land haunted by Cold War ghosts: El Salvador; for bizzarly beautiful red rock formations: Sedona, Arizona; for what used to be a small artist town on Mexico's West Coast (though I think now, it's been taken over by those places that require wristbands): Bucerias, Mexico. That's a good start.

Where do I hope to go? Anywhere that is both culturally and environmentally new to me where I can also manage the bathroom facilities: Vietnam, Cuba, Ecuador's Galapagos Islands, Greece, Egypt, Bryce Canyon National Park. New Zealand and/or Australia. That would be a start.

Any recommendations? (Susan, you of a different continent each month, I'm especially curious to hear what you have to say. And've been traveling for a year or so now?)  Mary


  1. I for one am a big fan of Northern Mew Mexico. Georgia O'Keefe land, specifically. Wide open spaces, kind people, good food, amazing colors, and running water/standard toilet facilities. Just sayin'

  2. Sacred Valley in Peru. Spectacular. Machu Picchu if you can manage it (and I think you could).

  3. Well, Mary, I do have some suggestions. We didn't visit "wild" places, which you seem to enjoy, but for culture I really, really liked Istanbul and China. Both had awesome sights, history and friendly people. The food in Istanbul was very delicious too. Thanks for asking. We're home now and happy but glad to have gone, because as you know, you never know when you won't be able to travel for a while.

  4. Great questions, Mary!
    I think you would really like the Galapagos islands. We were on a small boat (16 passengers) and I'm wondering if your family and/or a group of friends could all go together so that you could fill the entire boat. That would ensure lots of help getting on/off the boat for the day's excursions and would also allow you to tailor the excursions to your abilities/interests.

    I also think you'd enjoy the sacred valley in Peru (which is easy to maneuver) and Argentina (wine tasting in Mendoza was great). You'd enjoy Vietnam as well if you could get over the fear of crossing the streets. I don't think you'd get hit but you have to move out into traffic with faith; no one is going to stop for you--they are just going to swerve around you.

    I'll do some reconnaissance for you on Australia in August. :) And let's plan a trip to Cuba together!!


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