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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Story--Valentine's Day #2

I asked my colleague Alanah about her husband recently, and she beamed. She always beams when she talks about him, not in a schoolgirl giddy way, but in a my soul sparkles way. Really. I'm not lying.

I asked her why she beams so, recently, and she told me the story of soulmates meeting.

Alanah and Mark met early in college and dated a couple of years. Figuring that they were too young to be so serious, they broke up and dated other people. Alanah married the next guy she dated, and Mark never married.

Alanah and her husband divorced.

Alanah and Mark remained friends, and met for coffee once every year until Mark finally said that he couldn't bear the pain of just seeing her once a year anymore. He decided to move to Antarctica for a construction project for the rest of his life, and Alanah grieved his leaving.

After Mark flew South, Alanah bought a ticket to New Zealand, where he was on furlough before heading back to Antarctica. She found him, said go home with me, and he did.

And now she sparkles, and this Christmas he gave her a custom-made bike, painted a custom pink. 

That's a great story. Don't you think she should submit it to This American Life?


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